Opening Lecture: Mediaeval Burgh Life

Dr Gordon M. Wyllie

At the root of ‘civilisation’ lies citizenship and whenever groups of people have gathered together it has been necessary to establish a structured environment to balance their rights and duties. This talk explores the issues faced by mediaeval Scotland and its population in coming to terms with these, and how the past has been the prologue to the future.


A short bibliography for Dr Wyllie’s talk:


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Gordon Wyllie FSA Scot, WS is a former Partner in the legal firms Bird Semple and Biggart Baillie. He was born in Newton Mearns and educated at Dunoon Grammar School and Glasgow University. Among his many appointments and associations he has been Deacon Convener of the Trades Of Edinburgh And Clerk to the Trades House of Glasgow; he wrote the Scottish contribution to the International Bar Association’s International Dictionary of Succession Terms; is a founding member of the Mediaeval Glasgow Trust and now its Secretary; he was Chairman in 2020–21 of the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust; he is a board nember of Archaeology Scotland and since 2019 has been the Chairman of the Virtual Hamilton Palace Trust.

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