Thomas Joshua cooper in conversation with catherine mooney

Glasgow City Chambers | George Square | G2 1DU

12 January | 6.30 pm

Prompted by the gift of an icon from Joe Logan in 2011 and the first Molendinar lecture given by Archbishop Mario Conti in 2012, Catherine Mooney set about tracing the life of St Mungo. In 2013, Mooney and Cooper with Joe Logan followed the Molendinar Burn on their first St Mungo day walk to Glasgow.  Taking a hodological approach Cooper, accompanied Mooney to sites of interest and felt compelled to make pictures in response to the places visited. The pair made pilgrimages to places associated with St Mungo and his immediate contemporaries: St Enoch his mother, St Serf his teacher and St Columba, which concluded with exhibitions at Govan Old and Glasgow Cathedral in 2015. That could have been the end of the project but with their interest piqued they continued to visit sites associated with the early Celtic Saints across Scotland. Covid and lockdowns offered a unique opportunity to finish the northern section of the project by visiting twelve hundred sites. It concluded with a seventy-five picture book proposal called Desire Lines: A Calendar of Caledonian Saints which will be published in 2022.

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